The role of witch doctors and sex at the coast has proven to be overtime to be a strong one. Sex workers, both local and from other parts of the county use the 'mganga' (witchdoctors) on a regular boors .In what sometimes has been reamed to be unstable sector, a good witchdoctor is believed to ensure through witchcraft, a steady solid reapply of tourists who must support the girl.

The 'mganga' receives a commission every time the girl receives cash in local or foreign currency, and will be even be kept on a retainer as long as the girl remains successful.

Tourists have been blamed time and again for child sex tourism on our coastal strif, yet as a society we turn a blind eye when prominent personalities including our members of parliament (Mps) names also come up time and again when such stories are narrated.

Some government members have even been mentioned in connection with child sex tourism. When a government missions and business down at the coast, some of these crème e la crème of society with very young girls. It has been proven futile to try to discourage these amorous men from sleeping with girls some as young as their granddaughters.

A favorite hard worker word that has been coined in reference to their young catches is “Katsanga Kenye”. The mijikenda (the wine sub- tribes in habiting coastal Kenya) word for a very young girl.

Every year, reputes have been published about child sex tourism at the coast and donors from the west double their efforts in contributing towards the kilifi of NGOs to fight the vice that is sexual exploitation of our children, but it is not abating. It has only gotten deeper and distiller because poverty and sin is not being alleviated. The solution to this problem is not with UNICEF, Goverments or Ngos because with the delivery of Jesus Christ. As anointed servants of God vise up like Moses , discover and understand that like the children of Israel in captivity ,these young boys and girls are in bondage and chains of devil! I would like to refer you to my book “Hidden Services of trouble in our Christianity “I have seriously addressed the cases of witch craft. What is witchcraft? .It is a spirit of diversion, making crooked that which is straight. Instead of the young girls and boys pursuing the God given talents, all have been diverted to child abuse, prostitution and pornography.

We cannot handle this menace physically or academically. It is a spiritual issue involving witchcraft and these children need deliverance, healing and restoration to their normal senses .The church has the solution to this social evil.

It has been noted that senior officials from the tourism musty and senior police officers hide their cars in corners adjacent to Mnazi moja Road in Mombasa a twilight red light district so to speak where young girls ranging in ages from 11 to 17 years are kept by pumps.

Talk to some of these young children and they mentioned names of their clientele and the list reads like “who is who in Kenya some journalists may remember an incident that happened several years ago. I happened before the very full glare of a battery of local and international media. Politicians were campaigning a head of working general elections at a famous beach hotel in North coast .A young girl aged about 11 years had caused a commotion at the gate when the beefed up security personnel had denied her entry. She had thrown tantrum and screamed and refused to leave saying that she had an appointment with one of the presidential aspirants! He is my man! How can you stop me from meeting with my man? We spent last night together and he gave me a date to come for some more money! To say the gathering was shocked would be the understatement of the century but why would a 10 year tell such a tale?

Nevertheless she was let in and it took the combined efforts of a senior security personnel an aid to the aspirant to calm her down, take her abide and gave her a fet brown envelope for her trouble .The child smiled happily, took the envelope and left.

Yet despite such incidents, even as a society we abet such acts. In Bamba District of Kilifi District. I encounter another spectacle. Young girls are taken to Bamba market by their Fathers and paraded .Men of varying ages including the elderly Octogenarians aged them and pick young “wives” some as young as 10 years .This is an annual event. To me it is remmiscent of the slave trade, yet we are told that it is only whites (Wazungu) who are defiling our children.

The tourist police department was introduced several years ago and their remit is to protect the tourist and her or his interests and generally keep law and order, but it seems that roles have been reversed and that now for child prostitution to thrive in coastal region, the children pay the police for protection and for them to look the other way. In some cases it has been reported that police act as intermediaries for commission.

Beach operators and beach boys whom I encountered in the coastal region .I deduced are recognized as the middlemen in sex tourism. They offer a number of different services to tourists ranging from the illicit to the illicit. They go as far as indentifying clients and girls or boys and negotiate rates and venues!

One girl confided in me that her own brother was the one “hustling” to set her clients.

Who will solve all these child abuses in our society? .If we do not stand up for our children, the child slavery will continue to rob our children of their childhood and our nations will be wiped out.

It is for his reason that we have come out with the project NEW LIFE ACADEMY and children homes. I pray that this article will move you further.