NB: To all prayer partners, donors and sponsors for this great work. We fail short of words to thank you. Bishop Manzi has a few words to comment:

Dear co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard, I did not fully attend to my calling since the ministry started back in 1992. God called me to bring revival to the body of Christ through healing and deliverance in mass crusades, village ministry, conferences, etc. your contribution will enable me reach the hurting world. My prayer line ministry is helping bring to life even the dead!!

You can also call Bishop Joe Manzi, he is a member of breakthrough 21 days prayer programme

Ongata Rongai

700 Km from Malindi. Hello Bishop Joe, you remember I called you to pray for my daughter who was in a comma.

After 5 minutes of powerful, anointed prayer by phone, my daughter who was in a comma and bed ridden woke up to the amazement of all the people around. We were full of tears of joy. Man of God continue touching this dying world with your phone prayer ministry!!

This was the product of two great weeks of ministry (August 12th testimony will build others and bring life to suffering masses.

Joshua Masika

Hello Bishop Joe. I believe my testimony will help others understand the power of God to heal incurable, chronic sickness. My illness began as a psychocological problem. I had been engaged to a sister in our former church. My pastor and elders, after prayer came and announced in the church that the engagement was not from God and that the wedding plan be revoked which they did. I had surely heard from God and I was seriously hurt and felt bitter about God and the church and why I should lose what God had given me. In January 2013, the psychological problems worsened and I removed my clothes walked naked! My mother would undress me, bath me and feed me like a small child.

On March 2014, I attended your churches services. After healing and deliverance services, I was totally restored to sanity. I am now a member of all nation Revival church together with all my family members. My father, a pastor could not assist with.

Praise God I am totally healed. My name is Joshua Masika and I am 39 years of age.

Waweru 17 years of age

I am Waweru, born to a single parent. I have never known my father and have lived with my mother since birth. I started feeling neglected, insecure, abused and treated cruelly by my mother. She took me to an approved school which did not change me.

I befriended a couple who initiated me into devil worship. I learned the art of astral projection. Would turn into a snake and bite people. I would cause accidents on the road. I killed over 100 people through this magical power. I tried to destroy my mother, her brothers and grandmother by turning into a cobra.

Finally, the devil sent me to destroy Bishop Joe and his church. As I confronted him in a crusade, the whole field turned into fire, the church became a fence of fire and the man of God could not be touched.

I was nocked down by the power of God. The Lord has delivered me and all demons of destruction have left me.

Miss Lazaro (15 years of age)

I am 15 years of age and in form 2 secondary school. I got involved to a group of students who were devil worshippers. We would receive money from strange people, involve ourselves into sexual activities with multiple partners and all form of immoralities. Finally the teachers discovered that I was a member of cult/ devil worshippers calling themselves the BIG 5. They had assigned me to kill my father and mother and receive some more monetary gifts and powers.

Pastor, I was brought to your healing and deliverance conferences. God delivered me and set me free. I am not in a cage and promise to serve God Almighty. I have returned back to school. God bless you pastor, empower you and provide partners for His great work of healing others in need.

Ruth (not her real name)

Had suffered from hemorrhage for 15 years. She had visited many hospitals and gynaecologists to no avail. She writes: - I heard of the August Open Gates conferences by Bishop Joe Manzi. I was brought to the conferences by my neighbours as I could not walk on my own.

I witnessed the healing miracles as people were touched by the power of God. The whole conference hall was full of fire. As I entered the prayer line, the spring of blood that had kept flowing for 15 years stopped. I went home rejoicing and with a testimony that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever more.


I had been admitted at the Malindi General Hospital with heart attacks. Pains all over my body and would not walk. I was carried to this church by my relatives and on entering, demons started manifesting. What doctors could not treat, Jesus healed within seconds.

I went home rejoicing and celebrating.

Paul (Not real name)

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hi Bishop Joe Manzi

I attended your revival at Mokgoloboto village Tzaneen Limpopo South Africa last year in December.

In one of your sermons you mentioned about some of our problems starting in our dreams. I felt like you we talking to me directly, I have a serious problem which started as a dream in 1999 around October. I will speak freely to you because you are a man of God, I believe there is no embarrassing or shameful situation before God.

It started when a man was trying to attack me in my dreams, I managed to beat him severely to the point of about to die. While I kept hitting him, he jumped and grabbed my scrotum and I woke up beating him (I had this dream twice). Two weeks down the line my left testicle became swollen, I went to the clinic and I was immediately transferred to the hospital, they checked me and they suspected I had sexually transmitted infection but asked them if it is possible for someone who doesn't know a woman to be infected by (STI), but they couldn't medically explain it. I was given many tablets, but my situation kept on deteriorating and eventually I lost my left testicle.

I believe the devil has hidden it someone, I also believe that God can reserve my situation and fully restore me. I was fasting the day the attack happened physically. I asked church elders that day to pray for me but nothing changed.

Could you please pray for me Bishop.


Date: Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi Bishop

God works wonders, I received anointing water(from T.B Joshua) from my brother yesterday when I came from Joburg. He visited SCAON, I applied it with faith, to my surprise when I woke up today in the morning I was fully restored!! Praise be to the King of Kings!! With God nothing is impossible!!

My spirit glories the Lord and my soul rejoices in God my Saviour. God is still working miracles even today!! Something wonderful had happened and I know he touched me!!! The chains of the devil were broken!!

I will stay in the house of the Lord and in God's presence forever.

Have a great day Bishop and be blessed in all your ways.


Mr Allan Joseph Mulwa

Hi Bishop Joe, I thank the lord Jesus our saviour and give glory to God our father for this extra ordinary miracle on my life

After praying for me on Thursday 13th Feb. 2014 at the church, I received the following miracles. Actually throughout my life I have suffered rejection, bad luck, backwardness, hardship, mysterious, unexplained and unknown frustration in my life, poverty, joblessness, eating in the dream, sicknesses and infirmities.

We had only 2 daughters and my wives womb closed mysteriously. We could not meet as husband and wife as sometimes would be confused even in bed. We sought prayers everywhere for the last 20 years but all in vain.

But praise God on Thursday I was completely healed from all evil torments which persisted for all those 20 years! My whole body, bones and mind was loosed and I became a free man! Joy returned to my life, great victory and blessings were experienced in my life as I killed the 3 giants which have tormented me all those years.

A man appeared in my dream as a friend to help me finish a job I had been assigned by my employer, whereby the boss paid me 2400kshs.He demanded payment for helping me and I gave him 1000kshs.He left but returned later demanding more money. He threatened me with witchcraft and all sorts of evil spells, but I overpowered him and rebuked him in Jesus name and he left defeated.

The 2nd giant was an Indian lady carrying some delicious food. She offered me the food but luckily I had carried my own food which I showed her and she left ashamed!

The 3rd giant was a very stubborn spirit appearing as a giant rat. I took a weapon and completely killed and destroyed it. It was eating everything in my house, breaking walls and causing all kinds of destruction and damage to my property. The giant died .I woke up and felt very happy when totally healed, delivered and restored to my human nature.

After this the lord showed me and my family living in a very nice house and a car parked outside and surely the lord confirmed that our life has been restored., Bishop ,thanks for your healing and deliverance ministry. May the lord grant you favour, strength, long life and revelation for people like me receive assistance.


Bro Joseph. Malindi, Kenya

Racheal Kenga

My problems started at the age of 10 years whilst in primary 4. My step mother had bewitched me that I should die young. She and a group of other wizards had put me in a pit like the gadarenes demoniac, I ran mad, chased all my family members out of the homestead and for three months and I lived under chains (Mark 5:1-9).

This sickness developed into kidney, heart problems for three years, I lived with catheters for three years as I could not pass urine. This caused wounds, bleeding and even puss. I moved from hospital to hospital and finally all my father’s cattle were sold to pay hospital bills totaling to millions of shillings.

My condition deteriorated further and finally had to be transferred to our provincial referral hospital but they all found no sickness. My hair fall off, I became a walking skeleton.

Finally I died, was dressed, a coffin prepared and a grave dug for my burial. As the mortuary attendants transferred me to the mortuary, opened the door, God brought his servant to the mortuary.

He told the doctors, nurses and mortuary attendants to stop putting me in the mortuary as God wanted to resurrect me. It was another city of Nain scenario (Luke 7:11-17)

All stood waiting to see what this crazy man of God had to do. He commanded the demons connecting me to the spirit of death be paralyzed. From death, I could see dead people welcoming me but after pastor’s long prayers, I started sneezing, coughing and finally I opened my eyes.

All around me were amazed to see a totally dead girl, putting death cloths, my mouth covered with cotton wool and at the door of the mortuary came to life.

Sister Rachael is a member and an intercessor with ALL NATIONS REVIVAL CENTRE CHURCH; MALINDI.

Accept the challenge, would you like to partner with us to get this gospel of healing, salvation and deliverance to distant peoples.

Sow a monetary seed for unreached, hurting people.