I take time off to pursue what turns out to be an eye opening evening out on the Mombasa beaches and the hot entertainment in Mombasa’s north and south cost namely Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi, Diani and Mtwapa. Not much has changed despite stringent measures put in place by the local stakeholders including ENICEF memorandum that was signed a couple years back by several hoteliers. Am shocked to find out that child sex tourism is still thriving in the 100 mile Kenyan coastal strip.

The most recent ENICEF report shows that tourists who sexually exploit children are at the centre of a racket that involves many people from the local community of Kenya’s 100 mile coastal strip. Unless drastic action is taken to condom and contain the FLESH trade, Kenya will go down in history as a country that kept silent while its children were engulfed in the flames of child sex slave trade!!

Most of us condemn apartheid and other human right abuses while a conspiracy like a huge tidal tsunami threatens to declare our children endangered species.

In Watamu I spend an evening in the company of an orphan by the name Asha. She is barely 12 years (my granddaughter’s age). She is already firmly entrenched in the sex trade. She says her family\guardians are so poor that they hardly ever have any food to eat and this has given her to the beaches to look for food. Her guardians are aware of what she does, but do not care where she gets the money from as long as in the evening or next morning she brings food and money at home for them and her other siblings!

As we sip some coca cola in the humid coastal heat I notice that the bar stool becomes wet yet we have not hit the beach. Neither in the source of the widening spots of wetness a spilled drink. I enquire. She gives me a sickening tale that sounds like the bottom of Hell! She tells me that most of the girls in the pub are wearing napkins or tissues papers!! And those who cannot afford it, adult diapers. After going through several years of sexual abuse (mostly anal sex) and she goes further to confide that it is the favourite with Italians, this is the result.

The girls cannot control their bowels movements and the only way they know how to contain the unpleasant leakage is to stable the cheap toilet papers into their anal openings! How any society, parents, guardians can let their young children go through such bits me. Some of the girls are as young as ten (10) years!

You can hardly tell that some of the children are only aged 12. Their modern hair trends like wigs and weaves flawless application of lipstick and exposure to night life; they look older, more mature, streetwise\beach wise and hardened. They wear miniskirts and others walk naked and are deployed in nude clubs where they dance naked for a fee.

Despite the sheer bravado they emanate, they still look that they could fit better in a classroom atmosphere than the beach pubs.

Young children both girls and boys especially from poor families living in the settlements around the tourism circuits with large numbers of women headed households are send out to find food and money. Woe unto the child who comes back home in the evening with nothing! The children bring back food or money and the parents do not ask where it came from. They are commanded to bring home at least ksh 3,000 per month (uss 40) every end of the month.

The role of witch doctors and sex at the coast has proven overtime to be a strong one. Sex worker both local and from other parts of the world especially German and Italy use witch doctors on a regular basis. The parents use these witchdoctors to make sure their girls or boys are abused by many tourists (customers) and brings home much money. A certain man was given half a million Kenyan shillings by an elderly German tourist to look for a young girl. He opted to convince his wife to be married to this man. He thought maybe it was a part time business but to his surprise, the woman left with the man to German and the woman’s husband hanged himself!!

The witchdoctors receive a commission every time the girl receives cash, in local or foreign currency and will even be kept on a retainer as long as the girl remains successful. The boys are also sodomised by the Italians and paid a fee!!

It is for this reason beloved Chris, Anna and sister Mel that bishop Joe Manzi came up with a project under the umbrella of his registered church ministry All Nations Revival Centre ministry, with the purpose of addressing this cancer destroying our young boys and girls within the 100 mile coastal region.

I would call it phase 2 as in phase 1 the Lord enabled me to build over 60 churches within the Islamic villages of the 100 coastal strips. We are determined to fight these two monsters – Islamic dominance and child abuse as follows

I, beloved friends and partners present this heart touching true report to you as fellow labourers in the body of Christ. Am determined to be a vessel of honour in the hands of the almighty God to bring new life to this new generation. Many sponsors, donors, millionaires are sponsoring the protection of elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, but bishop Joe Manzi has a cry, HELP ME TOUCH THE LIVES OF THESE ABUSED KIDS. Share the document with friends. Business people, churches and build a FUND for this project. Invite teams to come and work with us. God bless you as you sell the idea.

Please contact Bishop Joe Manzi Any Donations are welcome.